What Do I Do When A Pipe Bursts? 


A pipe bursting can be a scary/messy thing to happen in your home. It can be a very stressful dilemma and you might scramble to figure out what to do and where to start in dealing with this mess. Luckily we are professionals and we have put together a step-by-step list of what you need to do from start to finish to prevent a ton of water damage.


Turn off the water at the main valve- Make sure to turn off your water supply right away to stop more flooding from entering your home! If you cannot do this for some reason, call a plumber.


Turn off the power to your home- If you suspect your electrical system has been compromised, you cannot be “too safe” with this step.  Water mixed with electricity can cause shocks, electrocution, and even death. If water is running out of your ceiling or walls, chances are that water has affected your wiring. Go to your meter box, shut down the power in your house, and call an electrician if you need professional help. We have a local recommendation page with an awesome Chester County electrician linked here.


Evaluate the burst and the surrounding area to the best of your ability- If the pipe burst has occurred on an upper level, see if the water has already moved (or can move) to a lower level. See what you can do to minimize the effects with buckets, trashcans or other water catching devices.  


Open all doors and windows- After assessing the pipe burst you will want to make sure it has somewhere to go other than more areas of your house by giving the water openings. Open doors to let pools of water out if there are any and windows will help any wet areas of your house dry faster preventing further damages or mold.


Remove your belongings- You will want to move your belongings to a safe space allowing the soaked areas to dry faster while saving them from (further) water damage.


Take photographs of the damage- You will want to begin fixing everything immediately, but take a few minutes to take pictures of the damages or take pictures as you work. You will thank yourself later as you will need them when you submit an insurance claim.

Follow this list of “Post Pipe Bursting Steps” to Ensure the LEAST amount of damages to your home hit your wallet!