Warning Signs My Plumbing May Need Repairs

Can you spot the signs of a bad plumbing system in your home? Our experienced plumbers in Chester County want you to know the TOP 8 WARNING SIGNS of an underlying major plumbing problem so that you know when it’s time to call a plumber near you.

  1. A drop in water pressure – Your homes’ water pressure may become lower unexpectedly. Check with your neighbors and if this is not an area-wide issue and only specific to your plumbing, you need to look into the cause of this. If the problem occurs throughout your home you can have an issue with your water main.
  2. High water bills – If you have not made any big changes in your water usage and your bill randomly spikes in cost that is a pretty good indication that you have an issue, specifically a leak, somewhere. Many leaks, even significant ones, occur in walls and other areas where you don’t have good access.
  3. Unreliable Water heater – If the hot water in your home is not reliable then you have to look into what is causing the issue. There could be sediment in the heater or in your water lines or both. Your water heater could be undersized also.
  4. Stains and damp areas on ceilings and walls – This issue could be a leak in the roof or exterior walls in your home or it could be an issue with your plumbing specifically in Chester County. Don’t just wipe the water away and forget about it. Since the leak is out of sight of could be a bigger issue than you think.
  5. Leaks – You might tend to overlook a small leak. But leaks usually get worse over time. Small leaks become big leaks. This could lead to huge repair bills and early plumbing replacement.
  6. Cracks – At times you might find a little crack in your plumbing system. While this may not be an issue at the time it generally gets worse as time goes on. Cracks will lead to more and bigger cracks. Your problem won’t get smaller; it will only get bigger.
  7. Uneven water levels in toilets – This issue is warning you that there is a problem with a sewer line. The line could be broken or trees roots may have grown inside of it. See what trees are more likely to infiltrate your plumbing here. If left alone this issue could grow to affect your basement and your home’s foundation.
  8. Greener grass – There may be a portion of your grass that grows faster, greener, and lusher than the rest of the lawn. This could be an indication of a leak in a sewer line. There might be a peculiar odor in the area also.
  9. These warning signs of underlying plumbing issues are so important to pay attention to. Remember to call a plumber if you notice one or more of these issues in your home because these issues are likely just the tip of the plumbing iceberg!