Jetter Truck

A Powerful Water Jetting Truck for the Toughest Drain Clogs

Hydro Jetting Service

Bring in the best. Bring in the beast—Rocket Plumbing and Drain’s Top Gun high pressure jetting truck.

Most of the time, our customers don’t know what is clogging their sewer line. They just know their water has slowed or stopped or backed up and they need a mainline hydro-jetting service from a commercial sewer jetter to get things moving again—fast.

They call Rocket Plumbing & Drain for hydrojet plumbing services because they want our Top Gun jetter truck, the only municipal grade sewer jetter truck in the Five County region. With the capacity to jet a line at 4,000 PSI at 65 GSM, they know it can clear anything. 

The Chester Springs, PA Rocket Response Team takes our trusty, beefy Top Gun hydro jetting services across Pennsylvania, Delaware, Maryland, and New Jersey clearing the toughest clogs for the fairest price. And want in on a little-known secret? Because most local plumbers can’t jet above 1,500 PSI, many of those calls are from local plumbers who started a hydro jet drain job they couldn’t finish.

Top Gun is TOUGH – Hydro Jetting Service Chester Springs PA

Not all truck-mounted jetters and vacuum jetter trucks are the same. The Top Gun sewer jetter truck is in a class of its own, capable of powering down for small-pipe hydro jet cleaning and turning on the pressure for bigger clogs and wider pipes.

Top Gun clears complicated grease clogs, large or bulky debris, even tree roots—it blasts right through. And bringing in the big gun saves our customers big money! When an area Walgreens recently had a blocked main sewer line, the manager was told they would have to dig up the floor in the middle of the store to clear it. One quick Top Gun hydro jet cleaning cleared the line and saved the store almost $20,000.

Reasonable Force

Not every plumber is qualified to wield this much power. With 66 years of combined hands-on experience, the Rocket Rapid Response team is capable of carefully calibrating engine speed and nozzle size to generate just the right amount of pressure for your pipes. Rocket rides in with the right tools, the right pressure, and the right truck to make things right.

You don’t have time to start with a tiny truck. If you need Hydro Jetting Service on your sewer line, start with the company that can always finish the job: Rocket Plumbing and Drain.

The most powerful plumbing jetter in the Five County area including local areas such as Chester Springs, West Chester, Exton, and Malvern, is just a phone call away. Call in Top Gun firepower and we’ll be there—fast.

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