Thanksgiving Vs. Garbage Disposal


Spoiler Alert: Thanksgiving Wins!

As we all know Thanksgiving is a wonderful day of feasting and being thankful for the people and things we have in our lives. Somewhere between you looking at that tasty food with eyes that are bigger than your stomach and being slumped on the couch after finishing cleaning your plate, we want you to keep your plumbing in mind! Many people will be tempted to throw bones and other food down the garbage disposal, but this can cause a lot of serious, costly issues! We get the most calls for clogged drains during the holidays, so try not to become part of that trend by following these tips!!

  • Never put large animal bones in your disposal.

    Large bones can easily get stuck and cause a jam in your disposal.

  • Don’t throw any greasy food, fat, or oils down the drain.

    Grease slowly accumulates and will inevitably clog your drain.

  • Avoid putting fibrous fruits/vegetables down the drain.

    The tough fibers from these foods can tangle and jam the disposal motor and block the drains.

  • Eggshells go in the trash, not the drain.

    Eggshells can stick to the sides of your pipes, leading to clogs.

  • Don’t put too many potato skins in the disposal.

    The starch in the potatoes can turn into a thick paste, which could cause your blades to stick.

  • Rice and pasta don’t agree with the garbage disposal.

    These carb-filled foods expand with water and can cause clogs.

Remember, Rocket Plumbing and drain will always try to guide you to making smart plumbing choices. But if your cousin accidentally throws his turkey bones down the drain, we will be there for you so do not hesitate to call!

Happy Thanksgiving!