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Is Your Shower Temperature Too Hot/Cold?

Some showers seem to only understand two settings: “hot” or “cold.” This causes the shower owner to have to choose between getting burnt or freezing! Many homeowners have trouble adjusting their water heater to the perfect temperature.  Luckily we can give you some tips that will help you diagnose the issue yourself before calling a… Read more »

“Did You Know” – You Don’t Have To Have Hard Water?

Did you know 90% of households have hard water issues? Hard water can be difficult to live with. Depending on where you live you may have heard the terms ‘hard water” and “soft water.” If you are afraid you have hard water you’ll want to recognize if you have the following issues in your home… Read more »

Did You Know- Water Pressure Affects Our Comfort?

Did you know water pressure affects our comfort and can cause daily annoyance if it is not set within a good range? Check out these tips to test and make sure the water pressure in your home is comfortable for you! Most often people are frustrated by water pressure that is too low to give… Read more »

“Did You Know” Where Your Water Comes From?

Did you know that there are many different sources of the water that you use in your plumbing depending on where you live? See where your water supply comes from! What we use for our showers, drinking, brushing and flushing in a household or business comes from many different sources. One way water is supplied… Read more »

Hot Water Heater Shortage- Pay Attention!

The National Water Heater SHORTAGE has taken everyone by surprise. The worst part is just when you thought it couldn’t get any worse, it has. Rocket has certain water heaters I cannot get for customers for 3 months! The water heater shortage has not only caused problems for us but for millions without hot water…. Read more »

What Can I Do If My Water Heater Leaks?

YES calling a professional to act FAST and diagnose the issue is the BEST option however what if I want start to tackle this myself?  Here are some great starting points! First…..Shut off the Power Supply to the Water Heater.  In order to do so, follow the steps below: Gas Water Heater- Find your thermostat. … Read more »

Are In Home Water Heater Estimates Necessary?

Regular Tank Water Heaters typically DO NOT require in home estimates!  Tank Water Heaters are usually replaced with other “tank” water heaters that are of the same size and type.  Unless you are changing fuel sources or going with a tankless water heater, more than likely you won’t need an in person visit.  Typically, photos… Read more »

Bradford White- Most Reliable Water Heater!

The name Bradford White is synonymous with the words “respected” and “reliable” as they manufacture, in our opinion, the best residential hot water heaters. They have been around since 1851 and offer a wide variety of products that satisfy every need. Rocket Plumbing, unless specifically asked to install another brand of hot water heater, exclusively… Read more »

5 Signs You Need A New Water Heater?

An Old Unit… sometimes finding the year your water heater was manufactured can be difficult. All water heaters have a label that lists important information such as model and serial numbers. It includes the manufacturers name, warranty, wattage, gallon capacity, BTU’s, and more. If your water heater is older, you can find its exact age by… Read more »