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Aquor Water Systems

As plumbers and homeowners, we are always seeking the most efficient, long-lasting ways to access and use water for our homes. As temperatures are decreasing the likeliness of your plumbing having issues is increasing. Frozen outdoor pipes, frozen indoor pipes, clogged kitchen drains, water heater troubles, outdoor drain damage, etc. are some of the expensive… Read more »

Did You Know?- URGENT for Electric Water Heater Users!

IF YOU HAVE AN 80 GALLON ELECTRIC WATER HEATER YOU ARE GOING TO WANT TO READ THIS NOW! For as long as they have existed, 80-gallon Electric Water Heaters have been the most popular in the Chester County Area due to the sizes of the homes. Recently, Peco Energy has decided the popular 80-gallon electric… Read more »

Hot Water Heater Shortage- Pay Attention!

The National Water Heater SHORTAGE has taken everyone by surprise. The worst part is just when you thought it couldn’t get any worse, it has. Rocket has certain water heaters I cannot get for customers for 3 months! The water heater shortage has not only caused problems for us but for millions without hot water…. Read more »

What Can I Do If My Water Heater Leaks?

YES calling a professional to act FAST and diagnose the issue is the BEST option however what if I want start to tackle this myself?  Here are some great starting points! First…..Shut off the Power Supply to the Water Heater.  In order to do so, follow the steps below: Gas Water Heater- Find your thermostat. … Read more »