Summer Plumbing Woes! Clogs, Backups, Inspections


Why do we have so many problems with plumbing in the Summer Months? The summer tends to be some of the highest instances for Plumbing Issues because the kids are out of school, the home is getting more use than normal and things we have been putting off tend to rear their ugly heads this time of year…..

1- Clogged Garbage Disposals

Cookouts = Trouble!!  We typically eat a lot of ears of corn, fruits and vegetables in the Summer Months which are all very hard for our garbage disposals to handle.  Tip: Throw all the leftovers in the trash and dispose of or compost. Keep all Fruits and Vegetables out of the Disposal or  you will find it may break!

2- Sewer Line Backups- Besides the adults working from home, kids are out of school and the tree roots are growing, The toilets are getting over used and the early freeze thaw of the spring can cause cracks in the sewer pipes.  Do yourself a favor and have your lines Hydro= Jetted in early summer so you don’t experience sewer line back ups. Camera the lines to ensure that you have a clear flowing drain line!!  Summer can be a great time to relax and take a breather but not if you don’t have a toilet to use!!

3- Washing Machine Maintenance Issues- Our washing machines take a beating in the summer time~  Sandy Towels, Extra Clothing and Sweaty Athletic Wear are all bulky items that go in the washing machine.  All this additional stress on the washing machine creates a perfect storm for the washing machine to break.  Take the time to schedule a maintenance check up for your washer to avoid shut downs and repair costs!

4- Toilet Clogs- Household toilets are more regularly used thanks to the kids using the bathroom more often.  Please do not use wipes and do not flush anything down the toilet other than toilet paper. Teach kids how to use a modest amount of toilet paper.  If your toilet clogs typically we would suggest trying a plunger before calling a professional like Rocket Plumbing and Drain.

5- Hose Bibs and Sprinklers- If you have lawn sprinklers, be sure they are inspected and cleaned before opening them for the season.  Moving and lawn care can wreak havoc on them.  Most people do not winterize their hose bibs therefore in the summer months they crack and need to be replaced.  If you find yourself with a cracked hose bib, contact a Professional like Rocket Plumbing and Drain as they will best be able to assist you in replacing these.  They are not meant for Homeowners to tackle.

Take your Summer Plumbing Issues Seriously and Call the Professionals if you need HELP at your home of any kind! For Spring Plumbing tips click here.