Did you know: 2 Types of Septic Systems?


Did You Know There Are Two Different Types of Septic Systems? If you answered “Yes” then you would be correct. There is indeed two different types of septic systems. The major difference between elevated sand mounds and conventional in-ground-absorption systems is the addition of sand to the top of the absorption area in order to increase the depth to limiting zone to the required 48 inches. … Mound or Sand Mound Septic Systems are the best option when the permeability of the soil is too slow or fast. Soils with high permeability will not be able to adequately purify the wastewater before it reaches the water table line. Within the sand fill, is a gravel-filled bed with a network of small diameter pipes. Septic tank effluent is pumped through the pipes in controlled doses to insure uniform distribution throughout the bed. In a Conventional Septic System, the majority of the treatment occurs in the drainfield. Waste water flows from the tank through a solid pipe into a distribution box, where it is then channeled into perforated pipes set in trenches of gravel. The water slowly seeps into the underlying soil in the drainfield. Sand Mound systems can typically be double the cost of a conventional septic system. If you are purchasing land or building a house on land you already own, make sure you get a perc test. Did you know if your land cannot be perced, this means the soil does not have the ability to absorb water? When it comes to a septic system, it is essentially a series of pipes under your property that wastewater drains into. If the soil isn’t moist enough to allow for drainage, the system simply will not work. In most jurisdictions, a perc test is performed when an official from the county health department meets with the owner of the property and/or a licensed excavator to dig a hole and test the drainage rate of the soil on-site (they literally pour water in a hole and time how long it takes to drain through) If you land is sloped as ours is, your drainage field may have to be “higher up” on your land in order to perc properly. Make sure to consult a professional engineer or excavator to find out what kind of Septic System you need! If you need a reference, contact us!