Sewer Machine- Root It Ralph!!

sewer-cleaner-root-it-ralph-milwaukee-machine-benefitsRocket Plumbing is proud to announce our new WICKED machine “Root it Ralph”!  We are one of THE ONLY plumbing companies to have purchased the BRAND NEW Milwaukee MX Fuel Sewer Machine! We invested in this crazy COOL machine because of the many benefits it has for our customers!!  It has lift assist technology that eliminates the need for (2) people on a job because the sewer machine can climb stairs” allowing for one person transportation which ultimately saves our customers money!  We can clear Roots up to 200’ in and out of 3”  to 8” sewer lateral lines which gives us another option before having to go to the more expensive “TOP GUN Jetter” to clear clogs!  The drum is fully enclosed which is fabulous for our customers because it keeps the mess inside the machine and not ‘flinging” sewage all over your homes or businesses!  There are no more cords to run through your home because we can run this machine on a battery for the entire time we are using it!  How great is this?  Rocket is always at the forefront of new technology and equipment that benefits our customers!

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