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Quick Fixes I Can Do For A Clogged Pipe?

Clogs can happen fairly often depending on your lifestyle or the condition/age of the pipes/house/building. You may not always have to call a plumber right away, sometimes a clog can be fixed easily! We are here to explain how you can fix a clogged pipe before calling a professional!

Kitchen sinks

Grease cools and expands inside your pipes over time, this will usually eventually stop up your kitchen sinks. That grease then catches other particles and adds to the problem. The best way to prevent problems with your kitchen plumbing is to prevent a clog from happening in the first place by not putting any thing listed here down the drain. If your sink is clogged though, a plunger can be used to try and unclog the drain. The plumber’s snake can again be used as it might easily clear the pipe. Drano or something similar can cause serious damage so be wary of using this product.


The culprit responsible for your bathtub clog is probably the same as the one responsible for your sink, hair. Pull off the sink stopper that covers the drain and try the same things as you would with a bathroom sink. This will hopefully work and keep your bathroom plumbing working efficiently.


A clogged toilet can feel like a nightmare. The easiest way to unclog a stopped-up toilet is with a plunger. You can see a Rocket Plumber reacting to a toilet unclogging “hack” and properly using a plunger here. Make sure there is enough water in the toilet to cover the head of the plunger or it won’t work correctly. If there is not enough water add water by using a bucket or other container. Don’t flush the toilet as this could cause it to overflow. The back and forth action of the plunger should cause the clog to break loose if you keep at it. If not, you can try a plumber’s snake but be warned this will be a very messy job and you could damage your pipes if you do not do this correctly.

Larger pipes

If one of the larger pipes in your home is clogged this might be a bigger issue. A plunger and the plumber’s snake can be tried but the clog might be more than these can handle. Drano is a real issue here also. The amount of substance you would have to pour in your system to unclog a large pipe would eventually cause damage. Your toilet bowls would crack, PVC pipes would melt or break and the glue that holds pipes together can be eaten away. You can learn more about what kind of pipes you have and how to prepare for future plumbing issues here. The best thing to do if you notice your larger pipes might be clogged is to call a plumber before you cause any expensive damage.

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