Seasonal Plumbing Tips

Fall Plumbing Tips

Fall is here but don’t let your home and plumbing maintenance fall with it! Water can be damaging, especially when it’s cold! Don’t let the plumbing needs of your home fall by the wayside! Listed below are some plumbing tips this fall to help you maintain a happy and healthy home!

  • Clean out your gutters! Using a gutter shovel or just your hands to scoop out fallen leaves and debris, clean gutters are important for numerous reasons;

          -Preventing water damage

          -Protecting your roof

          -Keeping pests from causing trouble

          -Reducing the risk of a cracked foundation

          -Saving you money

  • Inspect your pipes! Check all of your home’s plumbing pipes to make sure they have proper insulation. Pay special attention to, interior and exterior pipes throughout your house, especially in the basement and garage as they are susceptible to freezing in the wintertime because they are all connected.
  • Drain your water heater! This is an important maintenance tip to extend the longevity of your water heater. Firstly, shut off the power and water supply valve. Then, connect a hose to the drain valve and run it to a nearby valve to drain your water heater. This will lengthen the life of your water heater and increase it’s heating efficiency keeping your water nice and hot for the winter!
  • Disconnect your outdoor water hose and winterize all hose bibs! Doing so will prevent interior pipes connected to the outside water faucet from freezing and possibly bursting. Check that all outdoor faucets are free of leaks and drips. Once you turn them completely off, shut off the interior valve for outdoor faucets (usually found in the basement). This will prevent them from freezing! Further, protect hose bibs by covering them with styrofoam or other insulation material.
  • Get your leaks fixed! Check indoor faucets and plumbing fixtures (sinks, toilets, shower-heads, etc.) for leaks and get them repaired before winter hits! Contact us and we can fix those leaks today!

Don’t google “plumber near me” we have confidence that you can do these fall plumbing tips yourself! If you are. a visual learner, check out this youtube video that explains most of the points in this article!


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