Hot Water Heater Shortage- Pay Attention!


The National Water Heater SHORTAGE has taken everyone by surprise. The worst part is just when you thought it couldn’t get any worse, it has. Rocket has certain water heaters I cannot get for customers for 3 months! The water heater shortage has not only caused problems for us but for millions without hot water. The pricing has gotten out of control due to steel shortages, the ability to get a water heater is an everyday challenge, but most of all, we cannot service our customers the way we used to. The ability to keep water heaters in stock is becoming more challenging as well as getting parts to service them. As soon as we re-stock, they are sold. This is no joke, this is real and people who once “had a choice” of what water heater they install, now have no choices. If your water heater is nearing 10 years old, just replace it as soon as possible. Once it goes it goes and we cannot guarantee you can get a replacement quickly. No one wants to go without hot water and with the scarcity of water heaters right now, there has never been a more important time to look at a proactive water heater replacement. CALL ROCKET PLUMBING TODAY for advice on whether or not you should consider a water heater replacement now! This is no laughing matter and in a year when just about everything has gone wrong, it would be smart to take control of something that you can control! Check your water heater now! DON’T WAIT TO INSTALL/REPLACE!