Are In Home Water Heater Estimates Necessary?

Regular Tank Water Heaters typically DO NOT require in home estimates!  Tank Water Heaters are usually replaced with other “tank” water heaters that are of the same size and type.  Unless you are changing fuel sources or going with a tankless water heater, more than likely you won’t need an in person visit.  Typically, photos of the water heater label, areas surrounding the water heater and any expansion tanks will do!  When doing a water heater estimate, we try to review the photos of your current set up for a baseline for the quote.  We look for things like inappropriate fittings or other items that may cause us some concern as well as whether or not you have an expansion tank on your water heater.  We talk with our customers about whether or not they want to keep the size that they have or size up or down based on how the current water heater is functioning for them in terms of the hot water supply.  

We may or may not recommend changes to the size of the tank depending on your life/home usage situation.  Firstly, we look up your model number and serial number and see how old your water heater is and if it is under warranty.  If the tank is leaking, we advise immediate replacement.  If your water heater is more than 10 years old we generally advise replacement as most water heater manufacturers warranties expire after 6-10 years.  We will typically discuss how the existing water heater has functioned for the homeowner and if they ever noticed issues with a lack of hot water.  Based on that discussion, we will recommend sticking with the existing size or changing it and the reasons for our recommendations. If a customer elects to go with a tankless water heater, Rocket Plumbing and Drain will recommend an in person visit.  There are certain electrical requirements for tankless water heaters and we need to verify the availability of the proper electrical resources for installation.


Our Virtual Estimate option is another great way to get a visual on your existing water heater set up.  We can arrange a Facetime or Zoom call to meet our customer and visually look at the existing water tank and piping configurations to determine the best course of action with replacement.  Either Virtual Consultation or Photography is a great way to get an estimate without having to schedule an in person estimate in your home.  With COVID we have all had to adapt to new ways of doing business and we have created some innovative ways to get you the quote FAST and Safely!  Call Rocket Plumbing today for your FREE Estimate on your Water Heater TODAY! 484.986.5517