How to Save Money in 2022 – Subscriptions

Every year more and more people formulate “New Year’s” resolutions which typically are to “Get in Shape” and “Save Money”. Well, Rocket Plumbing and Drain is here to help!  

Welcome to our new series ‘How To Save Money in 2022!’

As homeowners, consumers and business owners, we have the same challenges as others on how and what to save money on. We all want to do it, but sometimes we just do not know where to start. Looking through endless bank and credit card statements would take forever and we ask ourselves, “would it really help?” In this series we will look at things that you don’t think about every day or take for granted that really could be adding up!  

Let’s take a look at SUBSCRIPTIONS!!!

Subscriptions can be your computer storage, photo editing apps, websites, magazines… you name it.  These days you usually need a subscription for just about everything in life. But how many do you actually need or really use and what methods are you paying for these subscriptions? 

Take a quick glance at your statements scanning for any subscriptions you may have that recur monthly and put them all down on paper or a spreadsheet.  (See Example)  They can be as simple as a streaming service (Netflix, Hulu, Disney+) or a music service you didn’t even know you had (Spotify, Apple Music, Amazon Music). Then you see that you have been hit with a subscription fee for your food delivery services (DoorDash, GrubHub, Instacart). All of these can for sure add up over time! Amazon has all sorts of “subscriptions” like Amazon Prime, Audible, Amazon Music, Photo Storage Etc.  Sometimes we have two subscriptions for the exact same things and we are paying for both! 


There are many random subscriptions we found on our own statements that frankly we didn’t even know we had and sometimes they were even doubled!  Storage with Google, Storage with ICloud both with more than we could even think about using!  Going through and prioritizing those that you use and those that you need, can save you money not only every month but all year. Clearing out your subscriptions can help you manage where your money is going but also save money on things you may not use!

Make sure to come back to Rocket Plumbing and Drain’s Blog next week for even more money saving tricks that we have found useful in our lives!