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Get Underground Line Insurance….Here’s why ! Read the Facts!

Do you have coverages if your sewer line breaks underground? Most homeowners don’t realize the cost of a broken sewer line. Unfortunately, breaks in a line or accidents during digging can happen. DID YOU KNOW, you can get coverage for those underground lines right in your homeowner’s insurance policy by adding an endorsement to your existing policy including, but not limited to; wear and tear, rust, freezing, root invasion, animal damage, and similar perils?

 Here at Rocket Plumbing, our goal is to find the best possible solutions for our customers.  This is why we chose “Homeowners Insurance Coverage” for our first post in our “Did You Know” series!!  Most homeowners can simply give their insurance company or agent a call and discuss adding on “underground line” coverages.  As homeowners ourselves, our insurance company has an add-on that covers “Service Line Coverages ”.  The service line is defined as a network of the exterior, underground utility lines or pipes that supply a home with electricity, gas, water, and sewer functions. These lines connect from the house to a city’s main supply for these services.  You are responsible for many of the repairs and replacements that are necessary and this type of coverage is super important. Sewer Line Breaks are very common and can be extremely costly to replace/repair. This is a simple coverage that is very affordable and can be added to your policy. Contact your insurance agent today to inquire about Service Line Insurance!  Check out our Sewer Line Services here at Rocket Plumbing and Drain and see how we treat our residential customers here so you can feel comfortable that we can handle your Underground Breakage!  Call Today For More Information  484.986.5517!


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