Frequently Asked Questions! (FAQ’S)

We get a lot of questions about our plumbing services so we wanted to answer the most common ones here for you all! Don’t hesitate to contact us if you have any other questions!
Question: How quickly can you service our plumbing problem?
Answer: For emergency repairs we can usually get to our customers within 2 hours.  For jobs that can be scheduled, we can typically do same day or next day service as long as our schedule allows.
Question: Can I get a quote for my plumbing repairs?
Answer: Most plumbing repairs require either a Video or On-Site Inspection/Diagnostic to see what the most cost effective solution for your home or business is.
Plumbers do not come out and do diagnostic work for free so typically there is a Service Call Fee involved in figuring out what is going on with your plumbing problem.
Question: What areas do you service?
Question: What type of Payment do you Accept?
Answer: We Accept Visa or Mastercard and we offer consumer financing on anything over $100 and up to $15,000.
Question: Are you licensed and insured?
Answer: We are licensed in each State that we work in.