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Don’t Go Into The New Year With Old Plumbing Problems!

Emergencies…What Can I Do Before 2022 to Make Sure My Plumbing Doesn’t Become An Emergency?

Plumbing problems in Chester County and the Tri-State Area seem to always come at a very inopportune time. Late nights, Weekends, and Holiday’s seem to be the day’s EVERYTHING just goes wrong! How can you avoid plumbing emergencies on weekends and holidays? Here are some Rocket Tips to Live By!

1- DO NOT RISK doing a DIY plumbing renovation on the Weekends!

DIY weekend projects are great as long as they do not require plumbing skills! At least once every weekend we get a call from a DIY’er that tries to replace a faucet, a valve, or a toilet over the weekend. Shutting off the water to install these fixtures requires shutting off a water valve at various locations. There are very few homeowners that “proactively” replace their water valves as they age. Some homes are over 50 years old and still have the same shut-off valves from when the home was built. While we love it when people “try it themselves”, we can’t help but notice that invariably, DIY’ers have time on the weekends to tackle these projects but don’t realize that when something goes terribly wrong that their homes are at risk of flooding, their water is shut off and cannot be turned back on, or even worse, the valve breaks and suddenly the homeowner is out of his/her element! If this happens to you, the services of a plumber may just be required! While we are available 24/7 to assist you with your emergencies, Rocket Plumbing also offers for DIY’ers the convenience of “Video Calls” !!

2- CHECK THE AGE of your Water Heater!

We did a blog post a while back (click here to see blog) about how to tell how old your water heater is and what signs to look for that it needs to be replaced! If your water heater is over 10 years old, it’s time to replace it now. Most water heaters don’t last past 12 years of age. A water heater bursting is never convenient and if you can avoid it altogether you should! If you like having hot water to take a shower and you don’t want to deal with a flood in your house, please check your water heater before 2022 and make a plan to replace it!

3- How old are your shut-off valves in your home and is it time to replace them?

Most homes that are not “new construction” tend to have old gate valves. These are very old and need to be replaced with the newer “lever” style valves. In our blog post on shut off valves, both types of valves are explained but the most important thing you can do is to locate where all your shut off valves are, check to see if they are old “gate” valves, and “ask” a plumber like Rocket Plumbing for a plumbing inspection. These valves can be proactively replaced so that floods and other problems do not develop in the home as a result of a broken valve. Check your valves before 2022 and ask yourself if your home could sustain a flood if one of these valves breaks? Time to replace those old shut-off valves in the New Year!

4- Drain Problems! This is a BIG one folks….don’t ignore the “little” signs that your main sewer line will back up at the WORST time!

The number one complaint we get calls on every night and on the weekends is “my drain is backed up” or “my toilet won’t flush”. Note that these things don’t just “pop” up on the weekends or at 2 AM. There are many signs before these events that your drain is having issues. Are your toilets gurgling? Do you notice your kitchen sink is flowing slowly and you’re using your garbage disposal more often? These are just a couple of signs that there are issues going on in your main sewer line. If you have not gotten your lines jetted in years, 2022 may well be the perfect year to get your sewer lines done! The cost of a jet is far less than the cost of an emergency call to clear a clog in your line! Take the time to check out our “Top Gun” Jetter Truck to see the biggest, baddest truck around! This truck will scrub your lines and make sure that your lines are clear of any and all debris so that you can feel comfortable that all things that flush will go down!

2022 is a BIG New Year and we all like to come up with things we would like to change or do differently as a New Year approaches. 2022 isn’t any different! Did you ignore some issues in 2021? Now is the time to change all of that! Be a saver in 2022 and not a spender! Take the time to do the few things we have listed above and the chance of Emergency Calls on Holidays and the Weekends will be slim!

Go Into 2022 with Confidence! Call Rocket Plumbing and Drain for any and all plumbing needs in the New Year!

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