“Did You Know” Where Your Water Comes From?

Did you know that there are many different sources of the water that you use in your plumbing depending on where you live? See where your water supply comes from!


What we use for our showers, drinking, brushing and flushing in a household or business comes from many different sources. One way water is supplied to town residents is for the water department to pump it from a reservoir, river, or well into a tower, which often sits on high points in the town. Using gravity, the liquid we all love flows through pipes all the way to the last house in a subdivision. However, In many rural areas where public water-supply systems are in short supply, homeowners have their own wells, but often still fill up a tank which supplies the water used in their home. A pump called a “well pump” draws water from a well for distribution inside the house or business. In general rivers and lakes and other surface are drawn from and put into subsurface sources such as aquifers and drawn into our plumbing. Private supplies are more common in rural areas where homes and businesses do not have access to a public supply. The system is much smaller in scale and simpler. In our area for example, the town of Birchrunville, everyone has a well as there is no centralized public water supply. However, in certain specific towns such as Phoenixville and the Boro of Pottstown, the town supplies and you receive a water bill quarterly. One consideration when you purchase a home is where the water is derived from and are you going to have to pay for it or will it be FREE? Here is a list of the public H2O suppliers in Chester County incase you want to check it out and don’t hesitate to call Rocket for any and all plumbing/drain issues or questions!