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Did You Know? Drano Is Bad For Your Pipes


Hearing about homeowners pouring Drano “Down the Drain” when they have a clog or drain problem is the number one thing that plumbers “cringe” at!! We here at Rocket Plumbing are very passionate about our customers and making sure that they have the information available to make the correct decisions about how to treat their plumbing problems. Some customers prefer to call a plumber to fix those nasty clogs, but if DIY is your preference, Don’t Use Drano!

Drano is acidic and can literally ruin drain pipes! We have seen many pipes that have been severely damaged by the continued use of Drano. While their product label says “safe on all pipes”, they go further to say that it is best used on stainless steel and metal which most drain pipes are not made of. Instead, we have found that a product called BIO1. Bio-One is Safe on All Pipes and has a much more powerful liquid that can address drains more frequently and can help to unclog drains when they become clogged. Check out BIO1 here on Amazon for all our “DIY enthusiasts” and also feel free to take a look at this Youtube video for an explanation of “why not to use Drano.


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