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How to Save Money in 2022 – Subscriptions

Every year more and more people formulate “New Year’s” resolutions which typically are to “Get in Shape” and “Save Money”. Well, Rocket Plumbing and Drain is here to help!   Welcome to our new series ‘How To Save Money in 2022!’ As homeowners, consumers and business owners, we have the same challenges as others on… Read more »

We Are Consumers Too!

We are consumers too! Part of what makes us good business owners is how we can “relate” to our customers experiences.  I think from time to time people forget that as business owners we don’t just look at everything from the “Inside out”, we also look at our business from the “outside in”.  Here’s how… Read more »

Don’t Go Into the New Year with Old Plumbing Problems!

Emergencies…What Can I Do Before 2022 to Make Sure My Plumbing Doesn’t Become An Emergency? Plumbing problems in Chester County and the Tri-State Area seem to always come at a very inopportune time.  Late nights, Weekends, and Holiday’s seem to be the day’s EVERYTHING just goes wrong!  How can you avoid plumbing emergencies on weekends… Read more »

Thanksgiving Vs. Garbage Disposal

Spoiler Alert: Thanksgiving Wins! As we all know Thanksgiving is a wonderful day of feasting and being thankful for the people and things we have in our lives. Somewhere between you looking at that tasty food with eyes that are bigger than your stomach and being slumped on the couch after finishing cleaning your plate,… Read more »

What Do I Do When A Pipe Bursts? 

A pipe bursting can be a scary/messy thing to happen in your home. It can be a very stressful dilemma and you might scramble to figure out what to do and where to start in dealing with this mess. Luckily we are professionals and we have put together a step-by-step list of what you need… Read more »

Aquor Water Systems

As plumbers and homeowners, we are always seeking the most efficient, long-lasting ways to access and use water for our homes. As temperatures are decreasing the likeliness of your plumbing having issues is increasing. Frozen outdoor pipes, frozen indoor pipes, clogged kitchen drains, water heater troubles, outdoor drain damage, etc. are some of the expensive… Read more »

“Did You Know” These Tree’s Ruin Your Pipes?

Trees are vital to our lungs and lives but unfortunately, they can be detrimental to our septic tanks and sewage systems! The root system of a plant is designed to track down moisture, and that’s exactly what plumbing transports, moisture. We get calls all of the time from customers who have trees in their yard… Read more »

11 Wallet Draining Plumbing Issues

Plumbing problems are always a nuisance. Sometimes you just do not feel like dealing with a seemingly small plumbing problem; so you let it go and procrastinate getting it fixed. Some plumbing issues that seem insignificant can secretly be draining your wallet! Don’t let a clogged pipe rob you of your hard-earned money! Learn which… Read more »