Aquor Water Systems


As plumbers and homeowners, we are always seeking the most efficient, long-lasting ways to access and use water for our homes. As temperatures are decreasing the likeliness of your plumbing having issues is increasing. Frozen outdoor pipes, frozen indoor pipes, clogged kitchen drains, water heater troubles, outdoor drain damage, etc. are some of the expensive nuisances that you are potentially facing this winter. That’s why we are excited to talk about Aquor Water Systems‘ new House Hydrant which is “reinventing the way people access water outdoors.”  


In traditional hose bibs, the friction of rotating and compressing a rubber washer onto a brass valve seat causes gradual wear. Over time, this unavoidable wear causes wasteful leaks and dripsAquor Water Systems materials play a huge part in its success. The House Hydrant uses heavy-duty, eco-friendly, marine-grade materials. Aquor uses stainless steel in its hydrant body which is a much better insulator than brass. Steel is durable, non-toxic, rust-resistant, and pretty! Unlike the conventional tap, the chance that your pipes with freeze and burst with Aquor are significantly less likely (they can withstand down to 30 degrees Fahrenheit). Aquor’s 5° downward pitch design prevents water from remaining in the faucet so freezing weather does not affect the faucet. The hose connectors are made of wear-resistant, crush-proof, and UV ray-resistant resin. The House Hydrant is always pressurized. This means that it uses water pressure to keep its valve closed, therefore it will not leak. It requires little to no maintenance and is guaranteed to last you.

Easy Install-

Call a professional to install the Aquor hydrant in your home. Then you will want to attach the Aquor Connector to your garden hose by twisting it on. After this, you will take the connector, align the grooves from the hydrant to the lines on the connector and push while turning the connector into the hydrant. In order to disconnect push the connector forward and turn counter-clockwise. After you unplug, the hydrant self drains automatically to prevent freezing.