Thank you for taking the time to get to know us at Rocket!

We are Steve and Debbie Reichert

We are the husband and wife team who founded and have operated this company, Rocket Plumbing and Drain for 35 years. And we are still happily married!

Our passion is to help solve our customers’ needs and ease their worries about their homes and businesses.  Fast – but thoughtful and affordable – solutions are our specialty and over the years we built a company around solving our customers toughest plumbing problems and finding solutions others simply don’t.

35 Years in Business!

Founded in 1986 on a belief system that all problems can be solved quickly if you have the right tools, the right people and the right solutions, Rocket Plumbing and Drain was created. Our years of experience solving thousands of different problems means we can handle any plumbing or drain trouble you may have in any residence or small business. We employ only the brightest, most competent and hard-working plumbers who treat our family-run company as if it was their own.  We employ the latest technology including our “Top Gun” jetter truck.

We know you sometimes need help immediately and we usually have someone available 24/7.

From Steve Reichert, Head of Field Operations

I work on the toughest and most complex jobs. I think through each situation to determine the most cost-efficient solution that will yield the best long-term result. I don’t want to have to come back because the fix is just temporary. Choosing the correct equipment and approach is critical.

I enjoy meeting my customers and try to be friendly, honest, and straightforward. Over the years, I have worked with many customers again and again and getting to know them has part of what makes my job fun. We hire employees who feel the way I do.

My wife, Debbie, is really the COO of the operation. If you need a “miracle” she will make it happen- somehow.  The answer is always “YES” we can do it and she works diligently behind the scenes to make it happen for you.

Some weeks I end up working seven days and all hours of the day and night but when I do get away, I enjoy hopping on my tractor or taking my boat out to go fishing. Of course, I have to see my kids and grandchildren often!

From Debbie Reichert Who Runs the Office

I try to be all about the customer and from the first call to final payment to be as efficient as possible. If you call our offices at 1 AM with an emergency, I will probably answer and get right to work on your problem even if I am half asleep.  It helps that my husband, Steve, can figure out a solution to anything.

You can almost always get in touch with me. We have a chat feature on this website and I never go anywhere without some wearable device that let’s me know you are calling in. Never be shy to call me and ask any question.

I spend my spare time with my kids and grandkids but my life would not be complete without horses. I am passionate about horses, horses, and more horses, especially my own Keegan, Flower, Red and Milk and Cookies!

Bold Cost Saving Solutions, Fast Service, Customer Focused, Team Oriented and Technologically Dedicated, our team at Rocket Plumbing and Drain will undoubtedly be one of the best calls you have made…..We guarantee it!

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