Monthly Archives: September 2021

“DID YOU KNOW”… Shut Off Valves Are Important?

  DID YOU KNOW THAT PEOPLE DON’T SHUT OFF THE WATER VALVE TO THEIR HOMES BEFORE VACATION?  THEY MAY NOT EVEN KNOW HOW! One of the most IMPORTANT things to do as a homeowner is to find the shut-off valve and know how to use it. Most structures have a main shutoff valve near the… Read more »

“Did You Know” – You Don’t Have To Have Hard Water?

Did you know 90% of households have hard water issues? Hard water can be difficult to live with. Depending on where you live you may have heard the terms ‘hard water” and “soft water.” If you are afraid you have hard water you’ll want to recognize if you have the following issues in your home… Read more »

Did You Know: Drano Is Bad For Your Pipes?

  Hearing about homeowners pouring Drano “Down the Drain” when they have a clog or drain problem is the number one thing that plumbers “cringe” at!! We here at Rocket Plumbing are very passionate about our customers and making sure that they have the information available to make the correct decisions about how to treat their… Read more »

Fall Plumbing Tips

Fall is here but don’t let your home and plumbing maintenance fall with it! Water can be damaging, especially when it’s cold! Don’t let the plumbing needs of your home fall by the wayside! Listed below are some plumbing tips this fall to help you maintain a happy and healthy home! Clean out your gutters!… Read more »

Did You Know- Water Pressure Affects Our Comfort?

Did you know water pressure affects our comfort and can cause daily annoyance if it is not set within a good range? Check out these tips to test and make sure the water pressure in your home is comfortable for you! Most often people are frustrated by water pressure that is too low to give… Read more »

Did you know: 2 Types of Septic Systems?

Did You Know There Are Two Different Types of Septic Systems? If you answered “Yes” then you would be correct. There is indeed two different types of septic systems. The major difference between elevated sand mounds and conventional in-ground-absorption systems is the addition of sand to the top of the absorption area in order to… Read more »

“Did You Know” Where Your Water Comes From?

Did you know that there are many different sources of the water that you use in your plumbing depending on where you live? See where your water supply comes from! What we use for our showers, drinking, brushing and flushing in a household or business comes from many different sources. One way water is supplied… Read more »